22 January 2017

A Mean 2017 "Goodbye" Sang to All KPOP Fans..Listen to Song Sang By Popular Group!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

It was really sad for all Kpop fans including me as the KPOP group that we always cheering for will disband and taking separate ways. I always listen to every song they release...they song always left me with excited lingering feeling and until now i still listen to those song...

I.O.I and 2NE1 have greet me this year with their very last goodbye song as their group will now be officially disband this month (actually 2NE1 disband earlier due to unexpected event). Goodbye guys until we met again!


(Images taken from Google Image)

Downpour MV + Eng Sub

Goodbye MV + Eng Sub

Note:  I do NOT own the videos. All rights reserved to all copyrighted.

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